About Reducing your plastic footprint
while preserving your food
Healthier for you and the environment! Reusable, eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap/cling film.
Love your leftovers!
Blog Help Build a Better World #FreeFromPlastic WaxWraps are not a new invention, the method has been used since the ancient Egyptian civilization, who recognised the preservation properties of beeswax.

Environmentally friendly,
fridge friendly & lunch box friendly.

WaxWrap is an old idea made amazing. Organic cotton infused with a naturally preservative blend of beeswax, antimicrobial pine resin and antibacterial organic jojoba oil. The healthy way to preserve food while fighting the war against plastic, whether in the fridge… or on the move.

Wraps on a roll
Our WaxWrap roll couldn’t be easier; cut to size, cover, wash and reuse - over and over. Keeps leftovers, salads, fruit, cheese and bread fresher and tastier for longer (with no toxic cling film in sight!). Convenient and cost effective – THE planet-friendly way to cover, store and contain pretty much any food or drink.

Available in a choice of happiness inducing designs, WaxWrap also comes in handy pre-cut cloths and sleeves.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Washable, durable & reusable over 200 times... 1m of WaxWrap
= 200m of plastic!
Soooo handy!

Soooo handy!

Self-adhesive, waterproof, malleable, foolproof.
Saves £s

Saves £s

Surprisingly ‘eco’nomical - savings for your bank balance & the planet.


Inspired by nature: plastic and toxin-free – 100% biodegradable and compostable.

About WaxWrap

Finding the answers to the future… in the past

We’re always looking for ways to improve our wellbeing and the health of this beautiful planet. Going plastic-free is a goal for many, not just for us!

Smart swaps can be surprisingly easy when you know how - like ditching the plastic wrap and switching to WaxWrap. Miles smarter and safer than cling film, just 1 metre of
WaxWrapis equivalent to 200 metres of plastic wrap!

Beeswax has been used for its incredible natural preservative properties for millennia and greaseproof paper was a mainstay in our grandparents’ kitchens. But waxed paper doesn’t really hold its shape or create a seal - that’s why cling film, or plastic wrap, was hailed as a revelation. Today we know better and understand the devastation that all types of plastics leave behind, festering in landfills, polluting oceans and poisoning wildlife and marine life.

WaxWrap is the solution. Plastic and toxic-free, use the heat of your hand to fold, mould and seal it around any shape. Simply use it how you would have previously used cling film… but with a clear conscience. It’s just one way of helping to save our planet, one small change at a time.

Did you know?

More than ½ the plastics ever produced (56%) were made since 2000.

Source: Plastic Atlas 2019 / Geyer

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Handy pre-cut cloth sheets… ideal for keeping leftovers fresh
Versatile pre-formed bags/sleeves… perfect for sandwiches & snacks
Ultimate flexibility roll… great for anything!
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With the future of our precious planet in mind, at WaxWrap we’re passionate about doing whatever we can to go plastic-free. Check out our regular blogs to discover simple ways to live a greener, cleaner lifestyle and also learn a little bit more about our products along the way.
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