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Wheat & Gluten Pastry Samosas

Welcome to Afia’s – home of the UK’s first Wheat & Gluten Free (WGF) Samosa since 2009.

Once eaten… never forgotten!

Created by a mother and daughter team passionate about sharing their love of artisan food, Afia’s Samosa Shop’s award-winning range also includes moreish handmade Indian subcontinent traditional pakora, flatbreads (roti and paratha), curries and chutneys.

Family inspired favourites, direct from family run kitchens. Many of our foods are WGF, vegetarian, vegan or LowFODMAP and everything is handcrafted in nut-free premises meaning those with intolerances can happily (and confidently!) indulge without compromising on authentic, mouthwatering flavour. Freezing immediately after cooking and cooling (without added preservatives) means every morsel retains its fresh, aromatic taste so that you can enjoy Afia’s as a snack, light lunch, main meal or family feast whenever you want, straight from your freezer. Even better, delivery in our fully recyclable packaging is FREE on orders over £45.

Dip in now… discover our products

Traditional Pastry Samosa

From our award-winning, bestselling traditional vegetable to chilli chicken and spicy vegan dal, each of our 11 divine samosas are handmade. Deliciously thin and crispy pastry is folded into a cone, generously filled then hand crimped into tempting triangular morsels.

Wheat and Gluten Free (WGF) Samosa

With a delectable crispness and bite that rivals our traditional recipe wheat pastry, our WGF version is even suitable for coeliacs. With a texture and taste so scrumptious, many customers say they can’t tell the difference! In the same tempting fillings as our traditional pastry parcels.

Pakora (WGF)

Also known as bhaji, these traditional bite-size chunks of either juicy marinated meat or garden fresh vegetables are coated in our exquisitely crispy and perfectly seasoned gram flour batter. In five fabulously flavoursome options… which ones will you choose?

Flatbread (WGF)

Thin, pillow soft Indian flatbread that’s tantalisingly light to eat. Snack on it plain, indulge in it hot and buttered with your favourite curry or even as a lunchtime wrap with any fillings that take your fancy.

Curry (WGF)

All naturally wheat and gluten free, nothing says comfort like a home cooked artisan curry. From lamb or chicken to potato and aubergine, each is deftly spiced and slow cooked to bring out every single layer of flavour. Heavenly!


Sasha's Top Picks

Sasha’s Top Picks

Hi guys, it’s Sasha here. I have been helping Afia with her social media now for quite some time. I am the one on the other end of the screen chatting to you guys, listening to your answers on our polls and IG stories etc etc. As a result, over the years we have gotten to know each other...

Is there such a thing as a healthy samosa?

A healthy samosa?

The million-dollar question right? Like so many I love a samosa, pakora or paratha as much as the next person, but can they actually be healthy or rather healthIER? This is a question I was excited to find the answer to. My name is Sasha and I am in the midst of my studies to ...

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